Dhyan Networks and Technologies Welcome to Dhyan! Element/Network Management EMS/NMS worries keeping you awake at night? Smart Lighting Eliminate dark corners without cutting corners Smart Streets Make your streets safe without spending a fortune on streetlighting Smart Cities Manage your smart city assets in a smarter way Dhyan Smart Grid/Energy Looking for a comprehensive solution to manage smart energy/grid assets?

About Dhyan

Dhyan has been providing device monitoring and management solutions for over 15+ years, and we are experts at it. Our products are highly scalable and available, extremely secure, easy to use, and manage a wide array of equipment ranging from simple devices to sophisticated high-end machines.


Element/Network Management

You are a device manufacturer looking for an EMS or enhance your existing EMS/NMS

Smart Lighting

You are an office, dealership, warehouse, parking garage interested in lowering lighting costs

Smart Streets

You are a city/municipality wanting to reduce streetlighting costs and manage all street assets

Smart Cities

You are a city/municipality looking to manage various smart city assets from a single console

Smart Energy

You are a technology provider looking to manage smart energy/grid assets in an efficient manner

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Why your city needs a TALQ-Certified Central Management Software (CMS)?

  • Posted by Ramya
  • On June 25, 2020
How standardized is your Central Management Software (CMS) in terms of interoperability? Don’t you think your city needs an experts-approved interoperable CMS? It is always necessary that you give the finest to your city and its people. We agree, with a plethora of choices available in the smart city market, it should be overwhelming to […]
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Plan your smart-street journey with StreetMan

  • Posted by Prakash
  • On May 30, 2020
Are you a City/Municipality looking to reduce energy and operations costs? Are you looking beyond streetlighting and have bigger smart city plans in the future? With technology seeping its way into our everyday lives, have you given a thought on those streetlights which have been there since you remembered? Nothing seems more dangerous than the […]
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How do you go about developing your Element Management System (EMS)?

  • Posted by Ramanathan
  • On April 27, 2020
On your way to develop a new Element Management System? Here are some quick tips that will save you from making costly decisions! There are two primary ways to get your EMS in place. Develop all the EMS modules at one shot (Complete EMS, all features at one go). Develop the base functionality first and […]
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