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Who We Are

Dhyan Networks and Technologies Inc. (Dhyan) has been providing device management software for over 15 years to technology companies that cater to customers in the telecom, IoT and smart grid markets. Dhyan’s technology has been deployed at medium-size businesses, municipalities, schools and Fortune 100 companies where it is managing millions of endpoints.

Dhyan’s culture is built to focus on the customer and to win as a team. Our employees and partners work hard every day to deliver exceptional value to our customers. We strongly believe that if we don’t succeed as a team in exceeding our customer’s expectation, then we have also failed as individuals.

100% Customer Satisfaction

While we have delivered many management systems, both simple and complex, covering a wide variety of technologies and devices, one thing that has remained constant is our passion for delivering exceptional value to our customers.

Millions of Devices Managed

Around the world, Dhyan’s management systems are successfully managing millions of devices ranging from a simple device such as a street light controller to highly complicated device such as a fabric switch or a core router.

Device Management Experts

With more than 15 years of management system expertise in delivering a wide variety of management applications, Dhyan is recognized as an expert in device monitoring and management.

Trusted by Industry Leaders and Organizations Worldwide

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