Dhyan Announces Ohli Lighting – an All-Inclusive Plug-n-Play Outdoor Smart Lighting Solution for Street Lights and Commercial Area Lighting Applications with a One-Time Pricing Model

Industry’s first all-inclusive smart lighting solution – hardware, software,
data connectivity, support, and monitoring service, with an extended hardware warranty

FREMONT, CA, Jun 21, 2022 – Dhyan, the device management experts, today announced Ohli Lighting Cellular, a turnkey outdoor smart lighting solution bundle that consists of standards compliant ANSI C136.41 Ohli Node, cellular connectivity, StreetMan® management software and a monitoring service all included for five years. Dhyan is the first in the industry to offer an all-inclusive smart lighting bundle for a low one-time fee. The Ohli Lighting Cellular solution is especially attractive to cities for implementing smart streetlights, and to lighting contractors working with auto dealerships, large outdoor campuses, and parking lots.

“Smart outdoor light controllers deliver much better ROI than photo controllers, but a major barrier to their uptake is the perception of expense and complexity,” said Prakash Ramadass, Dhyan’s VP of Smart Cities. “Dhyan Smart Lighting solution does away with the complexity and expense of managing smart streetlights by seamlessly connecting with the best cellular network in the region,” continued Ramadass. “Our 24x7 monitoring service provides customers the right information at regular intervals to successfully manage a next-gen smart streetlights network.

Just plug the Ohli Node into the luminaire and the rest of the installation process is completely automated. Ohli Nodes can even be run alongside any existing lighting vendor network.

Prakash Ramadass,
Dhyan’s VP of Smart Cities

Ohli Node is designed for long-term, outdoor deployments, and uses a built-in, industrially rated, next-generation, remotely programmable eSIM card which works with multiple cellular providers. Through its partner, Dhyan has negotiated a low, fixed rate with the cellular providers in 170 countries. Since it works with multiple providers with seamless switching between them, the connectivity to the controller is always maintained. Ohli Node also comes in a LoRaWAN version for municipalities that want to add smart street lighting to an existing LoRaWAN network they may already be running for water or gas metering.

To monitor and manage the Ohli Node, the solution comes with a five-year license for cloud-based StreetMan® management software. To ensure that the implementation of the Ohli Nodes goes smoothly, Dhyan works closely with customers to complete a free one-time setup and also provides a 24x7 real-time monitoring and alert service. The monitoring service enables the customer to know what is going on in their streetlighting network. StreetMan® can also manage controllers from other manufacturers running different network communication protocols, at the same time, so users are never locked in, or out.

The Ohli Lighting solution comes bundled with all the hardware, software, connectivity, monitoring service and hardware warranty that is required to run a reliable smart outdoor lighting network with complete peace of mind for five years. Ohli Node sells for a fixed, one-time fee with no other add-on charges. Cities and contractors now know exactly how much they are paying for five years of service. Optional extras include additional years of warranty, a high voltage controller, additional cellular data plan, additional years of StreetMan® software, and monitoring services. The Ohli Lighting solution has been well received by the market and Dhyan is already doing pilot installations with several municipalities and Dhyan lighting contractor partners.

The Dhyan family of central management software for the IoT market consists of StreetMan® for managing smart streetlights, LightMan for managing smart area lights such as in campuses, parking lots, buildings, and warehouses, and CitiMan for managing smart city IoT assets.

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