How do you go about developing your Element Management System (EMS)?

How do you go about developing your Element Management System (EMS)?

How do you go about developing your Element Management System (EMS)?

  • Posted by SolutionsTeam
  • On April 27, 2020

On your way to develop a new Element Management System? Here are some quick tips that will save you from making costly decisions!

There are two primary ways to get your EMS in place.

  1. Develop all the EMS modules at one shot (Complete EMS, all features at one go).
  2. Develop the base functionality first and then add the other functionalities in phases (Base EMS first, incremental feature addition).

Primary factors to consider

  • Cash flow
  • Device maturity
  • Market/Customer requirements

First Approach: Complete EMS, all features at one go

The first approach is to get all the functional modules (such as fault, configuration, accounting, performance, security, and topology) developed in one shot.


  • Solves primarily for cost and time
  • Lowers the cost of development
  • Reduces the amount of time it takes to develop the EMS

When can you go for this option?

  • Cash flow is not a problem
  • Your device is stable and well developed
  • Market that you are addressing (like an incumbent local exchange carrier (ILEC) or large service provider) insists that you have a complete EMS

Second Approach: Base EMS first, incremental feature addition

The second approach is to get the base functionality completed and then to add more functionality in phases. In the second approach, the functionality most requested by customers will be put in the first phase (like topology and fault). The modules in phase 1 may not have all the in-depth features.


  • Solves primarily for cash flow
  • Get the basic EMS in place quickly and start trials with customers.
  • Opportunity to add desired features based on customer trials

When can you go for this option?

  • Preferable for most start-up companies who depend on the nourishment of their cash flow
  • Your device is not fully mature
  • You are targeting smaller customers with less demands
Caution: If you choose to go ahead with the second (incremental) approach, then you should keep an eye on your long-term needs and ensure that your choice of architecture and technology supports this incremental approach.

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