Easy-to-use software to manage smart
area lighting and building lighting
Central Management System (CMS)
to manage and control a variety of
smart street assets
Element Management System (EMS)
platform to deliver your EMS to the
market quickly
Switch from Echelon to Dhyan StreetMan
and get your smart streetlights working
The industry’s first all-inclusive plug-n-play
outdoor smart lighting solution with a one-
time pricing model
Dhyan’s Smart MPPT Solar Charge Controller maximizes energy extraction from solar panels and enables remote monitoring and control of solar power systems thru NB-IoT
See how upgrading from a regular LED
streetlighting solution to a smart one can
save you even more in energy costs
City of Portland, Maine switched over
6,000 streetlight from Echelon to
See how Town of Scarborough, Maine
migrated their streetlights from Echelon
LumInsight to Dhyan StreetMan
Besser Lighting used Dhyan LightMan to
manage the smart lighting in a group of
Siemens warehouses
Avon School upgraded their photocell-
based outdoor lighting system to a smart
lighting system to maximize energy savings
Dhyan helped a large device
manufacturer to deliver a new EMS in
record time, avoiding penalties
New NetMan-based EMS manages millions
of smart metering devices for leading
global energy solutions provider
5G is a seismic technology shift.
This white paper discusses the requirements
for management systems.
An introduction to Dhyan’s LightMan,
central management system for
outdoor area and building lighting
An introductory video to Dhyan’s StreetMan
for managing and controlling a variety of
smart street assets, streetlights, cameras, etc
Learn how Dhyan SmartMan can help
manage your smart energy/smart grid
An introductory video to CitiMan, Dhyan’s
management platform to monitor, manage,
and control various smart city assets
Learn about NetMan, an Element
Management System (EMS) platform to
deliver your EMS to the market quickly