City of Portland switches to Dhyan StreetMan


At around 70,000 residents, the City of Portland is the most populous city in Maine and covers an area of some 70 square miles plus a number of populated islands.


TEN (The Energy Network) is an independent energy services company (ESCO) that provides energy projects to government, K12, higher education, healthcare, and large commercial customers. TEN is part of the Duquesne Light Holdings, Inc. (DLH) family of companies.


Portland had chosen TEN (The Energy Network) to upgrade their 6250+ existing streetlights to high-efficiency LED fixtures, using Echelon controllers and Echelon’s LumInsight cloud-based CMS (Central Management System). TEN decided to replace LumInsight with Dhyan StreetMan due to StreetMan’s advanced CMS capabilities.


The City of Portland covers a fairly wide area, including a number of islands. The hardware had not been configured properly resulting in an unreliable network and poor connectivity to the streetlights which led to citizens’ complaints taking longer to investigate and resolve. In addition, 2020 pandemic travel restrictions made it impossible for Dhyan’s implementation team to make an onsite visit. Portland’s system was migrated from LumInsight to Dhyan’s StreetMan 100% remotely, with zero disruption or data loss.

By the numbers


Total migration project time including network rebalance and failed node replacement

Streetlights managed

Truck rolls required

Dhyan's value add

StreetMan’s auto-discovery features and zero-touch commissioning enabled Dhyan to locate all of Portland’s installed devices and even discover a few hundred that had not been properly onboarded into LumInsight. StreetMan was able to identify hardware issues in hundreds of streetlights such as fuse failure, wiring issues, power outages and faulty controllers which were not known previously, minimizing the downtime. Based on residents’ and the City’s requirements, customized dimming was configured in several areas which enabled the city to save even more on energy costs.

Notably, the resolution for week-long day burners was achieved quickly with the help of StreetMan’s analytics capabilities. Dhyan redistributed the streetlight controllers to appropriate gateways based on signal strength, greatly improving network reliability. Dhyan successfully migrated Portland’s LumInsight cloud CMS to StreetMan without any data loss or disruption, and well within the planned timeline. Since StreetMan, a robust and flexible software, was backed by Dhyan’s well-developed and stringent implementation process, the migration was achieved entirely remotely, from thousands of miles away, without a single truck roll.

Dhyan successfully migrated LumInsight, our Echelon Cloud CMS, to their StreetMan CMS without any data loss or disruption, fully remotely, without a single onsite visit. Our team members can now diagnose problems from their desktops and can share that information with our technicians so they are fully prepared to make the necessary repairs in the field.

Jon Jennings,
City Manager, City of Portland


StreetMan’s advanced features allowed the City to identify various network/hardware issues and redistribute the controller load among the gateways, thus stabilizing the network. StreetMan’s intuitive design made the process of migrating from the existing software to StreetMan quick and painless, and StreetMan’s auto-provisioning capability significantly reduced the provisioning time of a streetlight node. The migration was achieved without any data loss, or disruption to the streetlight operations. Due to StreetMan’s accurate root cause fault notifications, the City’s technicians can now go into the field fully prepared to fix the problem, eliminating multiple truck rolls to the same pole.