Siemens AG is a global technology powerhouse that brings together the digital and physical worlds to benefit customers and society. They operate a number of warehouses in Santa Catarina City, Mexico


Besser Lighting designs and manufactures lighting products, intelligent controllers and accessories and is a leader in LED industrial and commercial lighting. In 2020, the company produced and shipped over a million pieces of lighting, accessories and controls. Besser Lighting serves over 2,500 customers around the world in the commercial, industrial, wholesale, retail, institutional, residential, utility and other markets.


Besser had partnered with Echelon for the Siemens smart warehouse lighting project, with Echelon provid ing the controllers and LumInsight cloud based CMS (Central Management System). On Echelon’s exit from the smart lighting business, Besser chose Dhyan LightMan to replace LumInsight. Besser was already halfway through the project so Dhyan had to work quickly to integrate and manage all the controllers with the LightMan CMS and ensure that the project was completed on schedule.


The 2020 pandemic travel restrictions made it impossible for Dhyan’s implementation team to make an onsite visit to Siemens. The smart LED lights with Echelon controllers were provisioned 100% remotely in the LightMan software running in the cloud.

By the numbers


Time taken to auto provision all the smart LED lights

Warehouse lights managed
(2 more warehouses to come)

Onsite visits

Dhyan's value add

Dhyan offered a solution which could be used with the previously-purchased Echelon hardware which resulted in time and cost savings for the customer. Siemens was able to get their smart lighting system into production very quickly due to the efficient on-boarding mechanisms present in LightMan. LightMan’s zero-touch provisioning enabled Dhyan to provision all the smart LEDs remotely, with zero on-site visits. Besser Lighting simply brought the gateways to their office and Dhyan remotely configured them to automatically reach out to LightMan once they got an internet connection back at the Siemens warehouse. All nodes and multiple gateways were up and running in just two days.

Halfway through the project Echelon was acquired and support for LumInsight, their cloud CMS was withdrawn. Luckily Dhyan stepped up with their LightMan CMS which has turned out to be a much better option Besser Lighting was able to deliver the project to Siemens on time, and with a better user experience.

Daniel Torres,
Operations Director, Besser Lighting.


Besser Lighting was able to deliver the project to Siemens as promised, on schedule, and with an even better user experience than first envisaged. Dhyan provided full support for integration with Echelon hardware in a very short period of time, enabling Besser Lighting to use the Echelon hardware they had already purchased In addition, Dhyan was able to provision all the nodes and gateways remotely, without individual setup or on site visits, making the implementation quick and smooth.

LightMan’s rich feature set includes the ability to adjust light levels to match the task being performed in different areas (such as production or warehousing), setting on/off/dimming schedules trimming brightness to save energy, and making use of daylight harvesting by automatically sensing and adjusting for natural lighting. Due to the exceptional user experience, Siemens will be implementing LightMan in two further warehouses in Mexico.

The multi-site management feature of LightMan enables Siemens to manage the lighting in all their warehouses from a single console, allowing them to compare energy usage across different locations and giving them the potential for even more savings.