Tier 1 Service Provider


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A Tier 1 Service Provider was upgrading their core routing infrastructure and Dhyan Customer offered a turnkey solution involving a large number of BNG (Broadband Network Gateway) devices and an EMS platform tailored to meet the Service Provider’s operational and OSS integration needs. Dhyan Customer had to deliver the solution to the Tier 1 Service Provider on an aggressive schedule failing which they would have to pay substantial monetary penalties.


As one of the key deliverables, Dhyan Customer was required to enhance their own EMS platform to add automation capabilities and powerful inventory and configuration visualization tools. But due to multiple limitations in their EMS, the initial approach taken by Customer failed to deliver and valuable time was lost. As a result, Customer’s professional services team had only two months instead of the original twelve to enhance their EMS to support customer specific needs without compromising the design principles of a generic device management platform.

By the numbers




Dhyan delivered in 2 months vs the planned 12


Devices managed


End points/interfaces managed

Dhyan's value add

To meet an almost impossible schedule, Dhyan quickly mobilized a delivery team and worked around the clock. Dhyan implemented a powerful NETCONF-based network automation solution that could scale to a large number of devices, with each device having a configuration file ranging from 10KB to 10MB. In addition, all the features built into Dhyan Customer’s product were exposed with well-documented northbound REST API interfaces.

Dhyan’s team extended the Customer’s EMS to not only resolve the Service Provider’s specific needs but to transform the EMS into a more flexible platform that allowed workflow automation to meet any customer-specific needs. The solution involved intelligent use of scripting and template frameworks along with NETCONF and XSD-based Schema (precursor to Yang Schema) to considerably enhance the automation capabilities of the management platform.

I can say without any reservation that you guys far exceeded our expectations and truly delivered exceptional value for money. I would strongly recommend you to anyone who is looking for a competent and reliable company in the element/network management space.

Director, Networking Devices Manufacturer


The project was a resounding success. Since the project was delivered on time, Dhyan’s customer avoided paying any penalties and Dhyan’s solution far exceeded the expectations of Dhyan’s Customer and the Tier 1 Service Provider. The solution was deployed as a core part of the Service Provider’s operations and it was scaled to several hundred BNG devices, enabling Dhyan’s Customer to further grow its business with the Tier 1 Service Provider.