Dhyan Ohli Lighting

Ohli Lighting is a smart streetlighting solution-in-a-box. You can buy 1 or 10,000* smart light controllers, plug them
into the standard NEMA socket on your LED fixtures, and voila – you have smart lighting! All the benefits of
advanced smart street lights or area lights – total control and status visibility – with no gateway installation and
no complex setup.

*There is no upper limit.

If your utility (particularly water) or city has already installed a LoRaWAN network your Ohli Nodes can connect right into it. Click the LoRaWAN button for more details of our low-priced 5-year LoRaWAN smart streetlight solution.

If you don’t have a network already installed, or you just want to add a few more smart streetlight or outdoor area light controllers, choose the Cellular button for details of our low priced, all-inclusive 5-year cellular solution.