Ohli Lighting – LoRaWAN

Ohli Node for LoRaWAN is a smart street lighting solution-in-a-box, specially designed for existing LoRaWAN networks. You can buy 1 or 10,000* smart lighting controllers, plug them into the standard NEMA socket on your LED fixtures, and voila – you have smart lighting! All the benefits of smart street lights or area lights – total control and status visibility – without the complex setup.

*There is no upper limit.

Installing Ohli Node is easy:
Plug Ohli Node into the NEMA socket on your luminaire with a twist-lock. Ohli Node finds and registers with the StreetMan CMS in the cloud.

Ohli Node Installing is easy: Plug Ohli Node into the NEMA socket on your luminaire with a twist-lock. Ohli Node finds and registers with the StreetMan CMS in the cloud.

How does Ohli Node work?

Most networked smart area or street lights connect to the network via a gateway device. In many municipalities, cities and utility companies have already installed a low power, long range LoRaWAN network which covers a wide area. Ohli Node for LoRaWAN is already set up to connect to a LoRaWAN network, so you just plug-n-play.

Works with a LoRaWAN network

Ohli Node for LoRaWAN assumes you have LoRaWAN gateway coverage in your deployment area, so we don’t quote for the gateway. If needed we can supply, or you can buy directly from 3rd party manufacturers such as Multitech and Kerlink. Your controller, connectivity, cloud service and monitoring software are all included in one low price, for five years.

Pre-programmed, pre-commisioned

The technology is all built-in, pre-packaged and bundled with the software and monitoring service you need to make it work first time. But best of all, Ohli node sells for a fixed, one-time price with no other add-on charges. You know exactly how much you are paying for 5 years of service.

Cloud-based management and monitoring built-in

Ohli Node comes with a 5-year CMS license (central management system) based on Dhyan’s StreetMan. Management, monitoring, cloud hosting, support, maintenance and updates are all included. And StreetMan can also manage multiple street assets such as EV chargers, smart parking, smart wastebins, etc, or even other smart lighting controllers so you are never locked in. Or locked out.

Ohli Lighting is secure

Ohli Lighting uses TLS/AES to provide end-to-end encryption, the gold standard for protecting communication. Only the sender and the intended recipient can access the data – it is fully protected from hackers and unwanted third parties all the way from your smart light to the server.

One-time, all-inclusive pricing

We offer a complete turnkey Smart Lighting Solution package with 5 years of service.

  • LoRaWAN smart light controller. (NEMA 7-pin, Standard Voltage 120-277V, FCC-certified, GPS-enabled with similar specs to the leading US control manufacturers)
  • 5 years of extended hardware warranty.
  • 5 years of LoRAWAN data connectivity (includes fixed data profile of four downlinks and four uplinks for each node in 24 hrs)
  • 5 years of CMS software license, cloud hosting fees, and updates
  • 5 years of monitoring service (support and maintenance)

Add-on options:

  • 5 more years of warranty (total 10 years)
  • High voltage controller (120-480V)
  • Additional 5 years of LoRaWAN data connectivity (total of 10 years), StreetMan CMS license, hosting fees, updates, monitoring service, support and maintenance
You only want to buy a few smart controllersYou can buy as little as 1 Ohli Node, or 1,000, or more
It’s a pain setting up a smart gateway. Complex installation and setup, issues with positioning, etcOhli Node for LoRaWAN connects right into your existing LoRaWAN network, giving you smart lighting with no fuss
Putting together a complete solution with hardware, software and communications is hard, and can be expensiveOhli Node is a solution-in-a-box. It comes with its own communications and monitoring software and an affordable, fixed price, 5-year data connectivity contract
Costs are unpredictableYou pay for Ohli Node one time only, just like a photocell