Ohli® Smart Lighting The industry's first all-inclusive
plug-n-play outdoor smart lighting
solution with a one-time pricing model

Ohli Node – Cellular

Ohli® is a smart street and area lighting solution-in-a-box. With no need for a gateway or mesh, no minimum quantities, and a complete package of controller, connectivity, software and service, you'll have everything you need to get total control and status visibility over your smart street lights or area lights. And with no gateway installation and no complex setup you can just plug-and-play!

Installing Ohli Smart Lighting is simple – just plug and play
To install Ohli Smart Lighting all you have to do is plug the Ohli Node controller into the NEMA socket on your luminaire with a twist-lock, and the Ohli Node does the rest. Ohli Node will automatically find and register itself with the Ohli Management System in the cloud, and you can view it in your Ohli mobile app on your phone or tablet. There is no need for cumbersome and expensive pre-deployment RF surveys, and you don’t have to involve your IT department in the provisioning of the Ohli Node.

No. Gateway. Needed. (Unless you already have LoRaWAN)

Most smart streetlights or smart area lights connect to the network via a gateway device. Each gateway device is proprietary, has a limited range, and can handle only a certain number of lighting controllers, plus installing a gateway requires a certain skill set. Ohli works differently. Because it uses the cellular network, Ohli Smart Lighting doesn’t need a gateway at all (though if you already have LoRaWAN we have a LoRaWAN version). You can run Ohli Nodes standalone, or alongside ANY type of existing network, including Echelon and Acuity ROAM.

Works with all cellular providers and networks

The Ohli Node controller uses a built-in, industrially-rated, next generation, remotely programmable SIM card which works with multiple cellular providers (e.g. AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon, etc in the US; Vodafone, Deutsche Telekom, etc in Europe) and multiple networks (2G, LTE-M or NB-IoT) – out-of-the-box. For commercial service, US cellular providers usually require long-term contracts and high data fees in spite of a spotty service in many areas. Ohli works on their networks but we have negotiated a low rate, fixed for 5 years. And because we work with all major cellular providers, if service is spotty with one, we just switch to another provider with better coverage in that area, automatically.

Pre-programmed, pre-commissioned, pre-bundled

The technology is all built-in, pre-packaged and bundled with the software and monitoring service you need to make it work first time. But best of all, Ohli Smart Lighting controllers sell for a fixed, one-time price with no extra roaming or other add-on charges, and no annual fees. You know exactly how much you are paying for 5 years of service. There's a 10-year option as well.

Cloud-based management and monitoring built-in

Ohli Nodes come with a 5-year CMS license (central management system) based on Dhyan’s StreetMan. Management, monitoring, cloud hosting, support, maintenance and updates are all included. And StreetMan can manage controllers from different manufacturers running different network protocols, all at the same time, so you are never locked in. Or locked out.

Ohli Smart Lighting is secure

Ohli Smart Lighting uses TLS/AES to provide end-to-end encryption, the gold standard for protecting communication. Only the sender and the intended recipient can access the data – it is fully protected from hackers and unwanted third parties all the way from your smart light to the server.

One-time, all-inclusive pricing

Ohli Smart Lighting is a complete turnkey smart lighting solution package with 5 years of service.

  • Smart Cellular/NB-IoT light controller. NEMA 7-pin, standard voltage 120-277V, FCC-certified, GPS-enabled with similar specs to the leading US control manufacturers.
  • 5 years of extended hardware warranty.
  • Industrially-rated eSIM card. 2G/LTE-M/NB-IoT works with all major cellular service providers worldwide.
  • 5 years of data connectivity. Fixed data pricing for up to 450MB data volume per device.
  • 5 years of CMS software license, cloud hosting fees, and updates
  • 5 years of monitoring service, support and maintenance

Add-on options:

  • 5 more years of warranty (total 10 years)
  • Additional 5-year cellular data plan, total of 10 years (450MB per device), StreetMan CMS license, hosting fees, updates, monitoring service, support and maintenance
You only want to buy a few smart controllersOhli has no minimum order quantity
You have some broken controllers but your supplier has gone out of businessBecause Ohli Smart Lighting doesn’t need a gateway it can run alongside ANY existing network
Putting together a complete solution with hardware, software and communications is hard, and regular cellular contracts are expensiveOhli Smart Lighting is a solution-in-a-box. It comes with its own communications and monitoring software and an affordable, fixed price, 5-year cellular contract
Costs are unpredictableYou pay for Ohli Smart Lighting nodes one time only, just like a photocell
It’s a pain setting up a smart gateway. Complex installation and setup, issues with positioning, etc.Ohli gives you smart lighting without a gateway antenna. The built-in remotely programmable SIM card connects from anywhere.