Echelon LumInsight Migration

City of Portland switched to StreetMan and fixed their broken Echelon street light network.

Find out how they did it without a single truck roll, and without paying a penny extra.

Why Switch to StreetMan?

  • Get return on your investment
You’ve invested millions of dollars of taxpayer money installing the Echelon streetlighting solution, and you ...
deserve a good return on your investment. Like you, the city of Portland's Echelon streetlighting solution was broken, and they were ready to give up. However, by switching to StreetMan and engaging with Dhyan, we were able to get their Echelon smart streetlighting working again and saved their investment. We can do the same for you too.
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  • Gain visibility and control of your streetlights
StreetMan provides you with total visibility of the status of your streetlights and your network, sending you texts when ...
there's an outage or fault, and showing the streetlights at their exact addresses. In the cities in which it has been deployed, StreetMan was able to identify RF network issues as well as hardware issues in hundreds of streetlights such as fuse failure, wiring issues, power outages and faulty controllers which were not known previously, speeding up repairs, minimizing downtime and vastly improving reliability.
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  • Resolve your citizens' complaints sooner
The cities who have already made the switch to StreetMan have experienced their citizens' complaint backlog getting ...
substantially smaller after migrating to StreetMan. Thanks to the field-proven support tools, street views, analytics features, and troubleshooting tools available in StreetMan, streetlight outages are debugged and resolved far sooner than before.
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  • Improve the productivity of your field crew
With the field support tools of StreetMan, field crews are able to reduce field trips/inspections resulting in reduced truck ...
rolls. As the city’s contractors now know exactly what the issue is with a specific pole/light/controller, they go well prepared and can solve the problems in a single visit. Moreover, once the problem is resolved the alarm is automatically cleared in StreetMan and the manager can easily see the exact status of the outstanding issues.
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  • Get your city ready for the future
Once you migrate to StreetMan, you are set for the next 10 years, as StreetMan not only manages smart...
streetlights, it comes with support for managing other smart street assets such as EV chargers and environmental sensors. As you start realizing your Smart City vision, you can on-board all such smart assets into StreetMan and it will be the “one app” that you need to monitor and manage your smart assets. In fact, the cities who have migrated already are on their way to bringing their new EV charging stations and CCTV cameras into StreetMan.
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  • Time for a technology refresh?
You might be already thinking about a technology refresh for your smart streetlighting network/technologies. With StreetMan, ...
you are covered for the next 10 years as it is vendor- and technology-agnostic and you can bring in any vendor of choice, unlike proprietary technologies. As StreetMan comes from a proven management software company, you can be assured that it is constantly updated to stay current with market needs.
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  • Lessen your security concerns
Implementing IoT can expose your infrastructure to security attacks, especially through software. Your CMS may be the ...
hackers’ entry point to your network so it is vital that it is secure. Dhyan has been a leader in management software for over 16 years. We have a dedicated security advisory team that constantly looks for security vulnerabilities in the libraries used in StreetMan and we release update patches within 24 hours of seeing a potential vulnerability. The quality of our software and the security of our customers is our top priority.
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  • Experience best-in-class customer support
For any product, there are two aspects to customer satisfaction. One is the solution itself, and the other is the post-sales ...
customer support. Dhyan has been providing both for its customers for many years (all our customers are referenceable). You can take a look at some of the customer testimonials that we have received here.
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Echelon Migration Success Stories

City of Portland

StreetMan’s accurate root cause fault notifications have greatly improved street light technician productivity.

Town of Scarborough

The migration for the Town of Scarborough was done fully remotely – without any data loss or disruption.


When Echelon left the lighting business, Dhyan saved the day with LightMan. All the nodes were up and running in two days.

Why our customers love working with Dhyan

“Our team members can now diagnose problems from their desktops and can share that information with our technicians so they are fully prepared to make the necessary repairs in the field.”

Jon Jennings, City Manager, City of Portland

“Dhyan successfully migrated LumInsight to their StreetMan CMS without any data loss or disruption, and they did it fully remotely, from thousands of miles away, without a single truck roll…”

Stephen Buckley, Deputy Director of Public Works, Town of Scarborough

StreetMan vs LumInsight

Key FeaturesStreetManLumInsight

Minimizes truck rolls as you will know the exact nature of the problem and go to the field fully prepared

Avoids outages as you can proactively replace the soon-to-be-burned-out lights

Increases your technician’s productivity

Saves your field crew’s in-field time and the in-field changes are reflected immediately

Minimizes the downtime as you will be immediately notified of faults

Reduces the maintenance overhead of keeping the inventory accurate between different applications

Significantly reduces commissioning time. As soon as controllers are installed in the field and start communicating, they are automatically discovered by StreetMan.

As you deploy more smart city assets (e.g. EV chargers), StreetMan can be the ONE dashboard which provides complete visibility and control

Take back control of your streetlighting with StreetMan