Develop a next generation EMS

NetMan is an Element Management System (EMS) that is designed to get your EMS to the market quickly and cost-effectively. A scalable and feature-rich Element Management System platform that can be easily customized to manage a wide variety of devices in the 5G ecosystem.


Have your own branded EMS

Dhyan supports “OEM business model”. By partnering with Dhyan, you can leverage the maturity of the world-class ...
NetMan platform to come up with your own branded EMS offering. In addition, you can engage Dhyan’s professional services team and customize NetMan to deliver a fairly well tailored EMS for your device.
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Shorten time to revenue

From our experience, we have noticed that most service providers and enterprises - after completing a successful...
trial of your device - require an EMS before placing a volume order. Faced with such a demand, you are now in a hurry to get an EMS developed quickly so that you can start generating revenues. By using Dhyan’s NetMan, you can easily shorten the EMS development time and deliver an EMS quickly, thereby shortening your time to revenue.
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Rely on a proven platform

NetMan is a mature and versatile EMS/NMS platform that has been well received by customers around the world...
NetMan has been customized and deployed at customers both large and small where it is managing networks of a few hundred complex devices to networks with millions of endpoints. With its adherence to open standards, NetMan is capable of managing not only today’s devices but those of tomorrow as well. The NetMan platform coupled with Dhyan’s cost competitive services team is the ideal combination that you need to get your EMS to the market quickly and cost effectively.
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Differentiate your device

You have spent a great deal of time and energy designing a state-of-the-art device with unique features....
If your management system is primitive or poorly-designed, it will not be capable of showcasing the unique features of your device. Dhyan’s NetMan is a world-class EMS that is very flexible and can be easily customized to deliver an EMS that will help you differentiate your device in the market by showcasing its unique features.
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Lower EMS development expense

Since NetMan has many of the standard EMS functionality prebuilt, by using NetMan to develop your EMS, you can...
significantly lower your EMS development expense. In addition, since Dhyan’s professional services team is located in a cost competitive center in India, Dhyan can help you lower your NetMan customization expenses quite considerably.
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Minimize risk of EMS delivery

Since the EMS is a prerequisite for your customer to place a volume order, you cannot afford to miss the...
customer deadline while you are anxious to get your EMS developed. You need a partner who has a solid track record of delivering EMSs. Dhyan’s professional services team has many years of experience in customizing NetMan and can deliver your EMS on schedule - thereby minimizing the risk of missing the customer deadline.
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NetMan – a closer look

NetMan is a world-class Element/Network Management System(EMS) designed to get your next generation EMS to the market quickly. In addition to supporting the standard FCAPS and topology functionalities, NetMan has inbuilt features to manage the 5G and O-RAN ecosystem.

Feature Highlights

“After evaluating several companies in the EMS space, we chose to select Dhyan…. Your NetMan® software framework delivered on its promise…”

-CEO, Cyber-Intelligence Company

Key Modules of NetMan

Element Management System platform

Dhyan’s NetMan is an Element Management System platform that is designed to get your Element Management System quickly to the market. NetMan comes with built-in support for most common topology and FCAPS functions to help bootstrap your Element Management System. NetMan also supports recent advancements in technology such as management of 5G core & RAN devices, YANG-based devices, streaming telemetry, and cloud native devices.

On the southbound, NetMan supports SNMP, NetConf, TL1, CLI, NetFlow, ICMP, TR-069 and if needed, vendor...
specific protocols, for communicating with the devices. On the northbound interface, NetMan supports SNMP, JMX and REST for external integration. NetMan runs on both Windows and Linux and can work with Postgres, MSSQL, MySQL and Oracle databases.
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5G Management

NetMan has built-in support for managing LTE, 5G core and RAN devices which makes the integration of LTE and 5G devices easy and cost effective. This benefits both system integrators and OEMs/device manufacturers alike. System integrators can now deliver a tailored Unified NMS that supports all the vendors that they plan to integrate. For device manufacturers, in addition to being able to build an EMS for their device, they can also come up with their own NMS offering that works with their partner devices seamlessly.

NetMan’s architectural approach of providing an adapter layer which supports each class of device makes...
the device integration easier. In addition, having support for NFVI, Core and RAN under a unified NMS, will not require end users to login into multiple management systems to get their work done. NetMan can also be integrated with the VNF/CNF directly, or through their corresponding EMS while also integrating with the respective VNFMs.

O-RAN has been very successful in bringing down the cost of radio access networks by disaggregating the radio access network. This has enabled new device manufacturers to come into existence, allowed system integrators to build best-of-breed RAN offerings, and also deliver a cost-effective turnkey solution to the service providers. NetMan’s support of the O-RAN initiative in the RAN management space is important as it makes new vendor integration easier. If you are a system integrator or an OEM/device manufacturer in the O-RAN space, NetMan is the ideal and proven management solution for you.

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NetMan's topology module is designed to help end-users visualize the deployment of network elements and get a bird's-eye view of the entire network. NetMan offers a variety of "Map Views" to help you visualize the managed network elements and their interconnections. These network elements shall be presented with custom icons that depicts the state of the element. NetMan additionally supports chassis-view with real-time component status information to assist the operator visualize the same....

Key features of NetMan topology module are

  • Hierarchical tree for grouping network elements.
  • Map-based visualization of network elements and interconnections.
  • Manual/GPS based location identification.
  • Real-time status of network elements and interconnections.
  • Management of inventory components such as cards, shelves, and ports.
  • Context-based menu actions on various inventory components.

An Element Management System has to showcase the unique features of the network element while complementing the element with features that are yet to be supported. Based on Dhyan's experience with several network elements at various stages in their product life cycle, each feature of NetMan has been developed with several options to make integration easier.

For instance, in the Google Maps view, all the devices have to be placed in the right location using their geo-coordinates. It may not be realistic to expect all network elements to have pre-set GPS information. To complement the network element's capability, NetMan supports the following options. These options ensure that the user experience is not diminished for any network element.

  • If the network element supports GPS, NetMan can fetch the GPS coordinates directly from the device. These coordinates can then be used as the geo-coordinates for the network element.
  • If the network element does not have a built-in GPS, the address configured in the network element (as part of its configuration) can be geocoded to a latitude and longitude.
  • If the network element is not configured with either of these values, network operators can use NetMan to provision or configure those values. Network operators with sufficient privileges can provide the address of installation. Upon setting the address, NetMan will automatically calculate the geo-coordinates and assign them to the network element.
  • Operators can also drag and drop the network element at a specific location in the Google Maps Based Deployment View. NetMan can automatically take care of recording the location and use it to update the geo-coordinates for the network element.
  • If the network administrator has a spreadsheet or CSV file with the actual deployment coordinates, these can be imported directly into NetMan to update the geo-coordinates.
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Fault or Alarm management encompasses the detection, isolation, and correction of abnormal network operations. NetMan offers protocol-agnostic fault management, and the ability to perform corrective actions automatically or manually. NetMan supports condition-based alarm forwarding over email/SMS and alarm escalation for unattended alarms.

The process of fault management in NetMan involves ...
  • Fault detection – Detect faults from SNMP traps, TL1 autonomous messages, syslog messages or with periodic status polling.
  • Fault isolation – Isolate the root cause using inbuilt fault event correlation and de-duplication engine.
  • Fault tracking – Manage faults using simple inbuilt trouble ticketing interface or with external integration to more advanced ticketing software.
  • Corrective action – Perform closed loop automation with automatic alarm-triggered configuration or perform manual actions to resolve the fault.
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Performance management tools are used to monitor performance characteristics of devices and help to identify impending performance issues that can cause problems for the network users.

The key components of NetMan’s performance...
module are
  • Data collection – Benefit from our scalable data collection from network elements, optimized for each protocol. Data collection is a key part of an Element Management System. The efficiency of the data collection engine typically determines the scalability of the Element Management System.
  • Trending - Review trends in network performance over a longer period of time with our efficient aggregated data management.
  • Reporting – View performance reports with flexible and personalisable dashboard, and have the system email periodic automatic reports to configured users.
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Configuration management is a key function of an Element/Network Management System. An Element/Network Management System with a good, friendly, and easy-to-use configuration management engine can help increase the sales of the network element. NetMan supports a variety of protocol-agnostic configuration management features.

The key features of NetMan configuration...
management are
  • Configuration template – Maintain a configuration template with placeholder variables and publish the configuration to multiple devices on one go.
  • Discovery-triggered configuration – Automate initial configuration push to devices with discovery-triggered configuration.
  • Alarm-triggered configuration – Execute a template (or script) upon receiving an alarm condition to help in faster debugging and resolution of issue.
  • Firmware upgrades – Perform scheduled and topology aware firmware upgrade on the network with reduced downtime.
  • Configuration editor – Edit device configuration directly using YANG schema-based UI. This feature enables integration of new devices cost effectively.
  • Configuration profiles – Manage configuration of multiple devices using a single configuration profile.
  • Configuration audit – Identify configuration discrepancies using configuration audit feature.
  • Configuration backup/restore – Perform configuration backup and restore, use the delta view to compare historical/current configuration of multiple devices.
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Security management encompasses the control and monitoring of access to the network and the associated network management information. NetMan’s security framework adheres to the highly secure JAAS (Java Authentication and Authorization Service) standard. NetMan supports local authentication and remote authentication with services such as RADIUS and TACACS+.

The key highlights of NetMan security are...
  • Each user shall perform only the authorized actions with fine-grained Role-based access control
  • Perform remote authentication with RADIUS, TACACS+ and Active Directory
  • Actions performed by users are logged and can be audited.
  • Users can be organized into multiple domains, by means of which multiple tenants can co-exist in a single deployment instance.
  • Users can backup/restore NetMan database to recover from a failure.

NetMan comes with built-in tools for recovering the Element Management System from disasters. NetMan can be configured to periodically backup its data and configuration on a remote ftp-server. The NetMan-based Element Management System and its data will be restored to its last known configuration after a disaster occurs. Such features have allowed our customers to pass several security audits conducted by service providers.

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NetMan supports redundant deployment architecture to ensure high availability (HA) of the service.

The key deployment architectures are...
  • Standalone – Only one node is deployed and doesn’t support HA.
  • Active/Standby – Only one node is active at a time.
  • Load balancing – Multiple nodes are active at a time and load is distributed between nodes.
  • Disaster recovery – Maintain an active and a standby site. Standby site shall take over incase active site fails.
  • Cloud deployment – Avoid the costs of maintaining the deployment on premise using our cloud hosted service.
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NetMan Technology

NetMan is based on Dhyan Management System (DMS). DMS is a highly secure and extremely scalable technology having the “device management functions” in-built. NetMan comes with several industry-standard south bound adapters such as NETCONF, TR-069, SNMP, CLI, TL1 and northbound adapters such as SNMP, RESTful APIs, HTTP that makes it easy to manage any type of devices.
Element management system technology
Read more about DMS technology in the Technology page

Some of the devices that can be managed by NetMan

Telecom network element management


Data Center Fabric Switches, 5G/LTE core & RAN, IPTV network

optical network device management

Optical networking

Deep packet inspection gateways, Optical switches

network security device management

Network security

DPI devices, interceptors, IDS, Network probes, Traffic analyzer

wireless device management


Mesh, point-to-point, WiMAX, WAN, NAN, FAN networks

wireless device management

5G core

DU, CU, RU, VNF, CNF, and other RAN devices