EMS/NMS worries keeping you awake at night?

EMS Services

As an OEM EMS solution provider serving the device manufacturer market for more than a decade, Dhyan is a “one-stop-shop” for their EMS needs. We complement our NetMan technology with a host of professional services such as Consulting, Customization, Enhancement, Integration, and Maintenance.

EMS Consulting

As experts in device monitoring and management who have delivered many management systems and worked with a wide cross section of device manufacturers, we have gained extensive knowledge and understanding of the management systems space, as well as what enterprises and service providers are looking for in a management system. We can bring that expertise to help you answer RFPs and put together a compelling response to win the RFP. Or you might have just started the device development and would like to ensure that your device supports the “management capabilities” that are needed by the market. We offer consulting services for all your device management needs and enable you to put your best foot forward.

NetMan Customization

As a device manufacturer, you are focused on ensuring that your “core offering” – your device – delivers the best value for the money and also gets your product to the market quickly and cost-effectively. However, to deliver a compelling value proposition to your customers, your “whole offering” – which most often includes a management system – should be as unique as your device. Dhyan can provide customization services to customize NetMan to suit your unique needs. Since our professional services team is located in a cost-competitive center in Chennai, India, we can deliver a custom element management system quickly and cost-effectively.

Enhancing your existing EMS

You may already have invested in an element management system for your device a while ago. While there may be nothing wrong with your current EMS, you might find that it is lacking some functionality or scalability or maybe the user interface appears a bit dated. There may also be a need to “port” your existing EMS to your newer devices that were introduced after your EMS was developed. As experts in device management, we have delivered many different EMSs across a wide cross-section of customers and have a deep understanding of how to enhance your EMS quickly and cost-effectively.

Integration Assistance

In many situations you might be faced with the need wherein your customers, such as service providers and enterprises, are looking for your help in integrating your EMS with their operational systems. As a partner who helped in developing your management systems, we can certainly help you. By acting as your professional services team, we can integrate your management system properly with your customer’s operational systems in an elegant and seamless manner so that your management delivers the intended value to the customer.


After helping you to deliver a management system or helping you to enhance your management application for your device, we can also partner with you and help in the ongoing enhancement and maintenance of your management system. In this case, we function as an extension of your development team, primarily focused on maintaining your management system. Many of our customers have found this service of great value and we have been maintaining their EMS application for many years – it allows them to focus their energies on their device development and not have to worry about the EMS.

Customer Testimonials

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