Ohli Traffic Cabinet Power Monitor

The Ohli® Traffic Signal Monitor alerts you when the power to a traffic signal cabinet fails. No need to wait for a report from your utility or a member of the public. The Ohli Traffic Signal Monitor is cellular so it’s ideal for all traffic intersections, even in remote locations.

When a power failure happens, you need to know
A power failure to a traffic signal cabinet is a dangerous situation and can be caused by a number of factors, including collision, utility outage, or copper theft. Although a battery backup will keep the signals working for a few hours, you may not even know that the power has failed until you are informed by your utility or a member of the public. The Ohli Traffic Signal Monitor will tell you about a power failure within minutes of it happening, giving you the precise location and time of failure so you can quickly dispatch a maintenance crew. The Ohli Traffic Signal Monitor has a cellular connection to its cloud-based software and a last gasp super-cap which gives it enough power to send the signal.

Cellular connectivity. Connect from anywhere, monitor from everywhere
The Ohli Traffic Signal Monitor automatically connects with the strongest cell signal, from any provider in the US including AT&T, Verizon, Sprint or T-Mobile, and multiple networks (2G, LTE-M, 4G, 5G or NB-IoT). Different Ohli nodes in the same city could connect to different service providers so if service is spotty with one, Ohli will automatically switch to another provider with better coverage. The cellular connectivity fee is built into the one-time price. Monitor your traffic signal cabinets from any device – smartphone, tablet, or desktop. The Ohli management software runs everywhere, and traffic cabinet Ohli nodes can be managed in the same management system as streetlight Ohli nodes.

Simple to install
Ohli has a standard ANSI C136.41 NEMA fitting and comes with a simple to install NEMA receptacle with a standard power cable. All it needs is a hole in the cabinet for the NEMA socket and a standard power outlet inside the cabinet. The Ohli Signal Monitor just fits onto the NEMA receptacle with a twist-lock, like a smart streetlight controller. As soon as Ohli is powered up it automatically finds and registers itself with the Ohli Management System in the cloud, and you can view it on your desktop, or in your Ohli mobile app on your phone or tablet.

How does it work?
When the power fails inside the traffic cabinet, this is detected by the Ohli node and the failure is transmitted to the Ohli management software in the cloud, using Ohli's "Last Gasp" support. As a backup, if the Ohli management software has not heard from the Ohli node for more than 10 minutes this will also raise a power failure alert. The status of all the traffic signals is displayed graphically, in real time, in the management software's Map View. Ohli's management software can be viewed on the desktop or on a mobile or tablet, and alerts can be sent via email or text.

As affordable as a streetlight controller
The Ohli Traffic Signal Monitor costs one-tenth the price of an AMI meter and can be installed and working in minutes, just like a streetlight controller. And all the costs of hardware, software, cellular connectivity, support and warranty are built-in to the one-time price.