Acuity Brands sent ROAM Enterprise and ROAMView off into the sunset some years ago, and will be discontinuing support for ROAM Concierge in January 2023.

But there is a way forward for your area lighting and streetlights management software.

Acuity Brands (Acuity) and Dhyan Networks and Technologies, Inc (Dhyan), an Acuity technology partner, have announced a strategic partnership whereby Dhyan will integrate its StreetMan® smart lighting management service with ROAM hardware so that Acuity customers can continue to manage their ROAM network with StreetMan and protect their investment in ROAM hardware.

What is ROAM2StreetMan?

ROAM2StreetMan is a program designed by Acuity and Dhyan that will allow you to manage your existing ROAM controllers and gateways using Dhyan’s StreetMan software as a service (SaaS). The ROAM2StreetMan program protects you, the ROAM technology user, and your investment in ROAM hardware.

If you are a ROAM Concierge user, click here to learn about migrating your management software to Dhyan StreetMan.

If you are a ROAM Enterprise or ROAMView user, click here to learn about migrating to Dhyan StreetMan.