Acuity Brands is discontinuing ROAM Concierge Streetlight Management Service in January 2023 - should you worry?

One reason not to worry – StreetMan® Streetlight Management Service – but you have to act quickly

Acuity Brands (Acuity) and Dhyan Networks and Technologies, Inc (Dhyan), an Acuity technology partner, have announced a strategic partnership whereby Dhyan will integrate its StreetMan® streetlight management service with ROAM hardware so that Concierge customers can continue to manage their ROAM network with StreetMan and protect their investment in
ROAM hardware.

What does the ending of ROAM Concierge service mean to you?

If you have deployed ROAM technology and have been using ROAM Concierge Services to manage your ROAM controllers and ROAM gateways, effective January 2023, ROAM Concierge software service will no longer be available. You must find another way to manage your ROAM controllers and gateways.

What is ROAM2StreetMan?

ROAM2StreetMan is a program designed by Acuity and Dhyan that will allow you to manage your existing ROAM controllers and gateways using Dhyan’s StreetMan software as a service (SaaS). The ROAM2StreetMan program protects you, the ROAM technology user, and your investment in ROAM hardware.

What is StreetMan?

StreetMan® is a cloud-based streetlight and area light management service from Dhyan. It is a lighting management system that reports energy consumption, provides operational reporting, lighting schedule management, enables preventive maintenance, etc. StreetMan supports many different hardware controllers and gateways and is technology agnostic. StreetMan can manage area lights (parking lots, garages, auto dealerships, and warehouses) and roadway lights (streetlights). In addition to managing lights, StreetMan can also manage other street and city assets such as EV chargers, cameras, environmental sensors, etc.

StreetMan boasts a patented user interface that is easy to use and supports mobile devices allowing you to manage your lighting network from a phone or tablet. With advanced map visualization, inventory views, dimming management, streetlight control, and reports and charts, you will be glad you migrated to StreetMan.

How does the migration program work?

Dhyan and Acuity have put a lot of time and effort into making the ROAM2StreetMan migration easy and seamless. As a result, very little effort will be required on your part, and Dhyan will support you all the way.

As an Acuity customer using ROAM Concierge services, beginning September 16, 2022, you can sign up to migrate to StreetMan. Just click the Start My Migration button on this page. Dhyan will migrate you from ROAM Concierge to StreetMan in two phases. Phase One migration will begin on November 2, 2022 and depending on the size of your ROAM network, it will be completed in a few hours to a few days. After Phase One is completed, you can begin using StreetMan to manage your streetlighting network. Phase Two of the migration will happen in January 2023. A few weeks before Phase Two migration Dhyan will contact you and ask you to make changes to your ROAM network. Phase Two will be completed in a few days, and during the migration process you will not be able to use Concierge or StreetMan, but your lights will continue to operate under the existing schedule.

Protect your investment - migrate your software, not your hardware

This is NOT a "rip and replace" migration! You will not replace your current Acuity hardware (ROAM controllers and gateways) but will continue to use them, and Acuity will fully support the ROAM hardware. Since Acuity has approved the migration to StreetMan software service, your hardware warranty will not be voided. The migration will be seamless, with no network outage (yes, we have done migrations before).

Your current ROAM network

After migrating to StreetMan

Why should you migrate?

There are many reasons why you should migrate. We have listed the key ones here:

  • If you are a ROAM Concierge software service subscriber, after January 2023, Concierge service will no longer be available, and if you do not migrate to StreetMan you will not be able to manage your ROAM lighting network.
  • By migrating to StreetMan, you can continue to use your existing ROAM hardware, and your investment in ROAM technology is fully protected.
  • Dhyan has worked closely with Acuity to integrate StreetMan with ROAM hardware. This will ensure that your migration from Concierge to StreetMan is seamless and easy, and Dhyan will support you all the way.
  • Since Acuity has approved the migration from Concierge to StreetMan, Acuity will honor your ROAM hardware warranty after you migrate to StreetMan.
  • StreetMan is a TALQ compliant state-of-the-art management software that can manage many different controllers and gateways. StreetMan provides significant improvements over ROAM Concierge in the user interface, mobile device support, security, scheduling, and control, among other things.
  • StreetMan is an advanced management platform, unlike ROAM Concierge, so it can support your smart city initiatives in the future.
  • StreetMan - right for today and ready for tomorrow!

Who is Dhyan?

Dhyan is a provider of device management solutions with headquarters in Fremont, California. For over 18 years, Dhyan has been providing solutions to some of the Fortune 500 companies in telecom, smart energy, and IoT markets where its technologies have been managing millions of end points. Dhyan enjoys exceptional customer satisfaction and has successfully migrated many smart lighting networks and so, yes, you can trust us.

This is what some of our customers have said about us:
“Dhyan successfully migrated our [...] cloud CMS, to their StreetMan CMS without any data loss or disruption, fully remotely, without a single onsite visit.”
-- Jon Jennings, City Manager, City of Portland, Maine

“Dhyan’s support team has been exceptional. They are very prompt and we always get our responses quickly."
-- Frank Mackie, City of Portland, Maine

“Dhyan has excelled and performed beyond my expectations. I enthusiastically recommend your firm to others.”
-- Jim Schriver, Director, TEN Connected Solutions

How to get started?

You can get started by clicking the Start My Migration button below and completing the Migration Information Form. As soon as we receive your request, we will contact you to get the necessary paperwork in place and get you started on the migration process.

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