Smart City Central Management System

CitiMan is a smart city management platform that enables unified management of a city’s infrastructure. CitiMan provides a single pane of glass to manage assets in multiple domains such as street lighting, smart parking, smart waste management, and many others.


Make the city safe by cutting down on incidents

City management has a responsibility to account for the life and safety of every ...
resident and visitor in the city. By providing real time monitoring, CitiMan, a world class smart city central management software platform (CMS), keeps you informed of any deviation in the trend that could lead to potential problems in the city. This enables you to reduce urban incidents and provide a safe and secure environment for everyone.
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Minimize operational expenses

The time and money spent in maintaining the city assets are quite significant. A smart city software platform like...
CitiMan enables you to reduce costs by optimizing operations and maintenance activities. For example, CitiMan can keep track of all smart city assets in one place, and it can alert you of a faulty street asset promptly. With its predictive capability, CitiMan can alert you about failing assets so that you can schedule maintenance operations more effectively. The time and money thus saved can be allocated to other city development projects.
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Monitor/Manage all assets from a single pane of glass

As a city, you have a wide variety of smart city assets such as streetlights,...
parking monitors, environmental charger etc., that have to be monitored and managed. CitiMan is a very flexible smart city central management software that supports a wide variety of communication protocols and technologies, while providing you the ability to monitor and manage a variety smart city assets from a “single pane of glass” thus eliminating the need for several disparate management systems. CitiMan can go one step further and correlate data from smart city assets, for diagnosing a problem and suggesting intelligent corrective actions.
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Be ready for the future

With rapid advances in technology, there is always the risk that the investments that you are making today in technology...
could get obsoleted soon. Since CitiMan is a flexible smart city central management software platform that has been built with keeping an eye on the future technology developments (for example CitiMan’s Unified Configuration Module), the investments that you make in CItiMan are well protected.
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Reduce CMS risk with a proven technology and partner

CitiMan is powered by DMS (Dhyan Management System), a mature...
and proven technology that has been on the market for over 15 years. DMS based management systems have been deployed will by Fortune 500 companies where it is managing millions of devices. when your smart street assets grow, as the aggregator for all the data, the smart city management software will have to support high scalability. You might have concerns on whether the software platform will be able to handle all the devices and the big data generated by them. The safe bet would be to go with a technology platform “that is field-proven”.
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Lower initial investment

As many other cities, you might want to start with the low hanging fruit – smart streetlighting, and embrace the other...
smart city apps when you need them. You want to avoid spending on a new software (because of the limitations of the current software) when your smart city vision becomes a reality.
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CitiMan – a closer look

CitiMan is a hardware-agnostic multidomain smart city management platform that is designed to offer you unified management. From a single console, it lets you to MONITOR, CONTROL and CONFIGURE the assets across multiple domains.

Feature Highlights

Key Modules of CitiMan

Smart City Management Platform

Dhyan’s CitiMan is a multidomain smart city management platform that is designed to offer you unified management of your city’s infrastructure. CitiMan’s management suite includes support for multiple domains such as street lighting, smart parking, smart waste management, smart security etc.

CitiMan can support a variety of hardware vendors and is inherently agnostic to protocol or technology. Since CitiMan is developed based on Dhyan Management System platform, it inherits all the platform benefits such as scalability, stability etc.


CitiMan offers advanced and user profile based dashboards. The operators shall be presented with live information of the current state, and the historical state of smart city assets managed by the system. These insights shall help the users make decisions that would improve the efficiency of their city.

Unified Management

CitiMan is a one-of-a-kind smart city management system that offers vendor and domain agnosticism. With its unique Unified Configuration Module, you can configure assets/nodes/sensors of any vendor using any communication technology. As the city apps and innovations grow, you need not go to different applications to perform upgrades and configuration updates.


Unlock smart management of cities with smart rules automation capability offered by CitiMan. Easily program configuration actions based on sensor events and let the system take over.

You can define cross-domain policies and make the interaction with different domain applications. It has the ability to correlate information across different domains and deliver actionable items. CitiMan, as a smart city software platform, makes the cities smarter – it provides a holistic view which will enable you to form quick and appropriate decisions.


Generate on-demand or periodic reports about the status of your assets using the Reports feature of CitiMan. Get the reports mailed automatically to the stake holders. Pre-built analytics dashboards come in handy by letting you visualize the status of different city assets. CitiMan collects and analyzes statistics critical to the assets’ performance and presents insightful reports.


With CitiMan, you don’t have to worry about the deployment overheads with our cloud-based software as a service model. If your organizational policy restricts you from using the cloud model, we offer an on-premise deployment model with high availability support.


Seamless integration is possible with CitiMan towards existing systems such as outage management, GIS, and ERP. CitiMan provides RESTful APIs to integrate with any external system. Similarly, it can also consume information from an external system via APIs.


CitiMan supports multi-tenancy that lets you manage multiple customer deployments with a single Central Management Software instance. This enables you to save time and money in managing multiple Central Management Software instances.

Supported Protocols

Smart city cms supported protocols

Domains supported by CitiMan

Smart city street lighting poles management


Smart city Traffic monitoring

Traffic Monitoring

Smart city street lighting camera video security management

Video Security

Smart city street lighting environment sensors management


smart city street lighting parking sensors management


Smart city Waste management

Waste Management

Smart Cities Partners

Smart city security management avigilon
Smart city light controllers management
Smart city parking management communithings
smart city solutions management netcon
Smart city parking management
smart city iot connectivity management senet
Smart city environmental waste management
Smart city street lighting photocontrols management suntech
smart city iot connectivity management platform teal
Smart streets lighting management ten connected solutions
smart cities street assets partner V-Link

Supported Communication Technologies

Smart communication Lonworks
Smart city street lighting sigfox communication support
Smart city street lighting NB-IOT communication support
Smart city street lighting LTE communication support
Smart city street lighting WIFI communication support
Smart city street lighting Cellular communication support
Smart city street lighting powerline communication support
Smart city street lighting ingenu communication support
Smart city street lighting bluetooth communication support
Smart city street lighting ZigBee communication support
Smart city street lighting LoRa communication support
Smart city street lighting WISUN communication support