Looking for a comprehensive solution to manage smart grid assets?

Smart Energy/Grid Network Management System

SmartMan® is a Smart Grid Network Management System that is scalable, feature rich, and customizable. A versatile platform, it has built-in support for smart grid industry protocols which enables SmartMan to manage any type of smart grid device.


Have your own branded management system

Dhyan supports “OEM business model”. By partnering with Dhyan, you can...
leverage the maturity of world-class SmartMan-smart grid management software platform to come up with your own branded device management software offering. In addition, you can engage Dhyan’s professional services team and customize SmartMan to deliver a fairly well tailored EMS for your device.
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Reduce your customer’s frustration

Without a management system, your customer is probably setting up each and every one of your device either manually or using...
complicated scripts which are cumbersome to write and maintain causing frustration. And this becomes worse when the number of devices increase. With the help of SmartMan’s highly intuitive and easy-to-use GUI, you can easily reduce your customer’s frustration when they are setting up your device or interacting with it.
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Lower your management system development expense

Since SmartMan® has many of the standard device management functionalities...
prebuilt, by using SmartMan to develop your EMS, you can significantly lower your EMS development expense. In addition, since Dhyan’s has a cost-competitive center in India, Dhyan can help you lower your SmartMan customization expenses quite considerably.
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Minimize the risk of your management systems delivery

You need a partner who has a solid track record of delivering device management systems to ensure that your custom ...
management system is delivered on schedule and under budget. Dhyan’s professional services team has many years of experience customizing SmartMan and can deliver your EMS on schedule thereby minimizing the risk of missing deadlines.
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Cut down your customer’s Operations/Maintenance costs

SmartMan can cut down your customer’s operations and maintenance expense by accurately pinpointing...
faulty devices. More importantly, the analytics engine that is part of SmartMan can also predict with a fair amount of accuracy as to which of your devices are about to fail so that your customers can proactively optimize the maintenance activities and improve the productivity of their maintenance department.
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Ensure compliance with tender requirements

Across the world, customers have begun to insist on management systems that is capable of coexisting with other...
management systems that they may have already installed. In some instances they also expect your management system to be able to at least detect the fault conditions of other devices that are on the same network. SmartMan is a very flexible smart grid management software that supports multiple communication technologies and various protocols and greatly improves your chance of meeting tender requirements.
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SmartMan® – a closer look

SmartMan® is a Smart Energy/Grid Network Management System that is scalable, feature rich, and customizable. It comes with built-in support for the smart energy/grid industry protocols and it can manage the smart meter infrastructure and other smart energy devices in the utility network. It can also manage the communication network that connects them.

Feature Highlights

Key Modules of SmartMan

Smart Energy/Grid Network Management System

SmartMan is a Smart Energy/Grid Network Management System that is scalable, feature rich, and customizable. It comes with built-in support for the smart energy/grid industry protocols and it can manage the smart meter infrastructure and other smart energy devices in the utility network. It can also manage the communication network that connects them.

SmartMan comes with several industry-standard south bound adapters such as SNMP, CoAP, DNP3, IEC 61850,...
MODBUS, ICMP, or any vendor specific protocol that makes it easy to manage any type of smart energy devices. On the northbound interface, SmartMan supports SNMP, RESTful APIs, HTTP for external integration. SmartMan runs on both Windows and Linux and can work with Postgres, MSSQL, MySQL and Oracle databases.
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Map Views

SmartMan can manage devices in the Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) network as well as in the backbone network. Google Maps view and Earth view features allow operators to quickly identify the physical location of devices. SmartMan, Dhyan’s Smart Grid Management System simplifies smart energy network deployments by supporting the bulk import of meters and other smart energy devices. You can configure the IP range for a smart energy network, allowing newly installed meters to show up automatically in SmartMan during the discovery cycle. ...

The flexible hierarchy component in Dhyan’s Smart grid management system (SmartMan) gives the grid operator a wide range of choices on how to include and display meters while monitoring devices connected to meters and other network devices. SmartMan also provides options to monitor regions of the grid, to monitor the whole grid, and to monitor equipment supporting the network. An operator can zoom into configuration and status views of individual meters (or other equipment types) in the smart grid.

SmartMan's map views help end-users visualize the deployment of devices and get a bird's-eye view of the entire network. NetMan offers a variety of "Map Views" to help you visualize the managed devices and their connectivity. These devices shall be presented with custom icons that depict the state of the device.

Key features of SmartMan Topology module are

  • Hierarchical tree for grouping network elements.
  • Map-based visualization of devices and their connectivity.
  • Manual/GPS based location identification.
  • Real-time status of devices and connectivity.
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Defect Detection

SmartMan offers an intuitive User Interface for recording all the outages and faults in a smart energy/grid network. It includes a built-in trouble ticketing interface to aid the administrator in fault management. SmartMan’s event consolidation framework ensures that users don’t get inundated with thousands of event notices due to a single failure. The ability to intelligently aggregate events from a low level up to the top level view allows a network administrator to troubleshoot without becoming overwhelmed by notifications.

SmartMan automatically generates reports...
on critical meters and critical regions to help operators at the utility quickly identify and solve issues. Tools such as automatic filtering and alarm notifications (via email, pager or SMS) ensure that support staff are quickly notified of problems. SmartMan's integrated escalation engine has the ability to escalate tickets that are not addressed within the predefined time.
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SmartMan has features to help operators commission smart meters and other smart energy devices, upgrade software, and manage inventory. This improves productivity by eliminating the lengthy manual procedures done by operators to keep firmware up-to-date. The script or template-driven configuration module is supported in SmartMan. The bulk configuration of thousands of devices can be done quickly and accurately, saving your team weeks of effort.

Software Management feature simplifies the task of doing system-wide software upgrades and also provides the means for backing up device configurations...
in case hardware replacement is needed. Configuration fields can be substituted dynamically. This allows device parameters to be configured on-the-fly and minimizes any one-by-one configuration edits.

Dhyan’s Smart grid management system (SmartMan) supports online upgrades of both meter and network element software. You will no longer need to roll out a service truck to change a meter's software. SmartMan supports the automatic backup of meter configuration data. This adds resiliency to the network when hardware replacement is required. Backup tasks can also be scheduled to run at regular intervals.

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SmartMan reporting functions provide a wide range of capable tools for gathering and analyzing your data. You can also use it to generate reports on performance, faults, and other events for all managed elements. Software plug-ins are provided for integrating reporting data with other data collection engines.

"Top N" and "Bottom N" reports help a network administrator quickly identify problem areas and bottlenecks....
The reports highlight any nodes that report unusual characteristics. Historical and real-time statistics allow you to compare current network performance with historical performance. These reports are available in both text and graph form.

Generate important reports on-demand or schedule periodic reports based on organizational needs. Both text and graphical formats are supported. Service Level Assurance (SLA) reports are available to track conditions associated with the level of service provided to subscribers.

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Security management encompasses the control and monitoring of access to the network and the associated network management information. SmartMan security framework adheres to the highly secure JAAS (Java Authentication and Authorization Service) standard. SmartMan supports local authentication and remote authentication with services such as RADIUS and TACACS+.

The key highlights of SmartMan security are...
  • Each user shall perform only the authorized actions with fine grained Role-based access control
  • Perform remote authentication with RADIUS, TACACS+ and Active Directory
  • Actions performed by users are logged and can be audited.
  • Users can be organized into multiple domains, by means of which multiple tenants can co-exist in a single deployment instance.
  • Users can backup/restore SmartMan database to recover from a failure.

SmartMan comes with built-in tools for recovering the Smart Energy/Grid Network Management System from disasters. SmartMan can be configured to periodically backup its data and configuration on a remote ftp-server. The SmartMan-based Smart Energy/Grid Network Management System and its data will be restored to its last known configuration after a disaster occurs. Such features have allowed our customers to pass several security audits conducted by service providers.

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SmartMan supports redundant deployment architecture to ensure high availability (HA) of the service.

The key deployment architectures are...
  • Standalone – Only one node is deployed and doesn’t support HA.
  • Active/Standby – Only one node is active at a time.
  • Load balancing – Multiple nodes are active at a time and load is distributed between nodes.
  • Disaster recovery – Maintain an active and a standby site. Standby site shall take over incase active site fails.
  • Cloud deployment – Avoid the costs of maintaining the deployment on premise using our cloud hosted service.
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SmartMan Technology

SmartMan is based on Dhyan Management System (DMS). DMS is a highly secure and extremely scalable technology having the “device management functions” in built. SmartMan comes with several industry-standard south bound adapters such as SNMP, CoAP, DNP3, IEC 61850, MODBUS, ICMP and northbound adapters such as SNMP, RESTful APIs, HTTP that makes it easy to manage any type of smart energy devices.
Smart grid network management software technology
Read more about DMS technology in the Technology page

Some of the devices managed by SmartMan

smart meters device management

Smart Meters (Electric, Gas, Water)

voltage and power device management

Voltage and Power Monitoring Equipment

wan and nan fan network elements device management

WAN and NAN / FAN Network Equipment

thermostats modbus equipment device management

Thermostats, Modbus, DNP3 Equipment

data collectors concentrators aggregators device management

Data Collectors / Concentrators / Aggregators