Smart Street Assets Central Management Software

StreetMan is a secure, flexible, and easy-to-use Central Management System (CMS) for managing street lights and other smart city assets. StreetMan can monitor, manage, and control a variety of smart street assets such as streetlights, EV charging stations, smart poles, cameras, access points, billboards, and other IoT sensors.


Manage all street assets easily and efficiently

StreetMan is a world-class central management software (CMS) that makes possible the management of all smart...
street assets such as street lights, EV chargers, digital billboards, cameras, environmental senors etc., from a “single pane of glass”. StreetMan’s analytics engine can convert data obtained from the assets to actionable insights and also correlate the information from different assets so that it can be acted upon intelligently.
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Rein in streetlighting expenses

It is estimated that streetlighting expense is by far the single most expense incurred by a city/county/municipality (think about all the lights that are on at 2 AM!)....
With StreetMan, a sophisticated Streetlight Central Management Software, you can lower the energy consumption by intelligently adjusting the lighting levels based on the needs of the residents which in turn reduces the streetlighting expenses. In addition, reducing burn hours of a lamp also significantly increases the life of a lamp thus reducing expenses.
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Reduce CO2 emissions

Cities have set ambitious targets to lower CO2 emissions. Upgrading to LED lamps can certainly lower the energy consumption. With the help of a world class smart street...
lighting management software (CMS) such as StreetMan, the energy consumption can be further lowered by dynamically changing the lighting levels (e.g.: turning off/dimming the lights during off-peak hours). These improvements, even for a small city, could result in saving a few hundred tons a year.
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Cut down on Operations and Maintenance costs

StreetMan can cut down your operations and maintenance expense by accurately pinpointing the faulty lights. More importantly,...
the analytics engine that is part of StreetMan, can also predict with a fair amount of accuracy as to which lights are about to fail so that you can proactively optimize the maintenance activities and enhance the productivity of your maintenance department.
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Ensure citizen’s safety

When streetlights function properly, the risk of accidents due to lighting system malfunction can be significantly reduced. Streets that are not properly or poorly...
lit is a major cause of safety and security issues. With StreetMan, Dhyan’s smart street light central management software, most of the lighting problems can be detected and addressed well before the citizens notice them. Making the city safe improves the wellbeing of the residents and visitors, and enhance a city’s image.
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Improve responsiveness and productivity of your maintenance team

When a light fails, it could be because of several reasons. StreetMan’s troubleshooting engine can help the maintenance team...
to diagnose the fault remotely and narrow down the reasons why it failed. This enables the maintenance team to be better prepared to fix the problem when they arrive at the site thus lowering the occurrence of wasted trips for the “bucket truck” which are quite expensive.
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StreetMan – a closer look

StreetMan is a secure, highly scalable, and easy-to-use comprehensive Central Management System (CMS). Our patented technology lets you to manage, monitor, and control a variety of smart street assets such as streetlights, cameras, access points, charging stations, billboards, and IoT sensors.

Feature Highlights

Key Modules of StreetMan

Central Management System for Smart Streets

Dhyan’s StreetMan is a very secure, highly scalable, and easy-to-use comprehensive Central Management System (CMS) to manage, monitor, and control a variety of smart street assets such as streetlights, cameras, access points, charging stations, billboards, and other IoT sensors.

It is an affordable street light central management software solution that is vendor-neutral (i.e., it can manage hardware assets from many different vendors) ...
and technology-agnostic (i.e., it works with multiple communication technologies such as PLC, NB-IoT, LoRa etc.). StreetMan is modular, flexible and can be deployed either as a cloud or as an on-premise solution.
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StreetMan’s dashboard provides the essential information that are required to keep one well informed about the happenings in the network. The information is presented in various types of widgets. There is provision to add and customize the widgets. The widgets consist of various types of charts and graphs.


StreetMan provides easy import options for adding existing streetlight/poll sites as well as commissioning new sites. Provides a real-time view of the status and connectivity between the access points, streetlights, and other end points – all on one screen.

StreetMan doesn't just give you better control over your streetlight infrastructure as a comprehensive central management software - it also ensures that you can quickly see all of it. Map views...
that display real-time streetlight status make it easier to plan your operations. You can see the connectivity, device status, dimming profile, commissioning status, and alarm status for the entire network - all on one screen. The deployments can be viewed using Google Maps, Bing Maps, OpenStreetMap and a city map.

There are multiple views which provide varied information about the assets.

  • On/Off View
  • Status View
  • Group View
  • Gateway View
  • Schedule View
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Preventive Maintenance

StreetMan tracks the luminaire details – such as maximum burn hours for a particular lamp model, daily power consumption, warranty details – and provides Luminaire Analytics that acts as a tool to identify the luminaires nearing the end of life. It can also provide the remaining lifetime of luminaires in a street/region/city.

In addition to reactive fault reporting, StreetMan generates “threshold-based alerts” wherein StreetMan monitors the reported metrics and creates alerts if a violation is seen. It prevents potential failures (such as voltage fluctuations) as the city can act upon it before it causes any massive issue.


StreetMan – central management software (CMS) helps in quickly detecting streetlight/end point outages and plan for future issues. Automatic alarm notifications are available to indicate an expired warranty, the average lifetime of end points, and the end-of-life of assets.

StreetMan helps field crews plan their maintenance activities well in advance. They can schedule a field visit to a specific region and address multiple problems at the same time. The operators can remotely switch individual streetlights on or off, based on a region’s needs.


StreetMan comes with patented dimming configuration feature, intuitive real-time control feature, commissioning, decommissioning and calendar scheduling options that makes it complete with all the central management software features. Safely slash electricity expenses with precise dimming configurations for your streetlights.

With a click of your mouse, you can provide the right lighting in the right places. Use StreetMan’s automation tools to avoid expensive field visits through the bulk configuration and firmware upgrade feature. You can also schedule bulk updates from anywhere, ensuring that they happen during the planned maintenance windows.


Pre-built analytics dashboards come in handy by letting you visualize the energy consumed by a single streetlight/pole or a group of them. Collect and analyse the statistics critical to the street assets’ performance and present insightful reports.


The security system controls access to the streetlight/smart pole network and associated end points. It helps in managing passwords and user authorization. It collects and analyzes security or access logs. Overall, StreetMan provides fine-grained access to devices on the network.


With StreetMan (Central Management Software), you don’t have to worry about the deployment overheads using our cloud-based software as a service model. If your organizational policy restricts you from using the cloud model, we offer an on-premise deployment model with high availably support.

Supported Protocols

Smart city cms supported protocols

Some of the devices managed by StreetMan

Smart street light management

Smart Streetlights

Smart billboard management


smart pole management

Smart Poles

smart parking sensor management

Parking Sensors

Smart city gateway management


EV charging station management

EV Charging Stations

smart city street lighting camera video security management


smart city environment sensor management

Environmental Sensors

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Supported Communication Technologies

Smart communication Lonworks
Smart city sigfox communication support
Smart street lighting NB-IOT communication support
Smart city LTE communication support
Smart city street lighting WIFI communication support
Smart city street lighting Cellular communication support
Smart city street lighting powerline communication support
Smart city ingenu communication support
Smart city bluetooth communication support
Smart city ZigBee communication support
Smart city street lighting LoRa communication support
Smart city street lighting WISUN communication support