Solar Smart Lighting

The Dhyan Solar Lighting Solution is a smart solar outdoor lighting package suitable for controlling any combination of luminaire, solar panel and battery, consisting of a programmable solar charge controller, central management software and cellular smart lamp controller with built-in eSIM card which requires no gateway

Not just smart, but intelligent

The great advantage of solar lights is their ability to function without any power connection. The trouble is, no connection means no communication, and no way of telling from a distance whether the light is working, and if it isn’t, what’s wrong with it. Solar lights are a complex mix of battery, solar panel, charge controller and the light itself. If a light fails the whole assembly must be taken down and opened up. Dhyan’s solution provides not just the smartness to control the on/off and dimming of the light, but also the intelligence to understand exactly which component has failed if the light isn’t working. That way you can just replace one part, not the whole fixture. This is achieved through Dhyan’s smart solar charge controller and the built-in cellular eSIM card which provides simple, gateway-free connectivity to Dhyan’s StreetMan® central management system (CMS).

No gateway needed

Most smart streetlights or smart areas lights connect to the network via a gateway device. Each gateway device is proprietary, has a limited range, and can handle only a certain number of lighting controllers, plus installing a gateway requires a certain skill set. Dhyan's solar lighting solution uses Dhyan's Ohli Node cellular smart lighting controller which uses the local cellular network so no gateway is required. Which means one less potential point of failure.

Feature Highlights

Cloud-based management and monitoring built-in

The smart solar lighting solution comes with a 1-year CMS license (central management system) based on Dhyan’s StreetMan. Management, monitoring, cloud hosting, support, maintenance and updates are all included.

StreetMan® is Dhyan’s cloud-based streetlight and area light management service. It is a lighting management system that reports energy consumption, provides operational reporting, lighting schedule management, enables preventive maintenance, etc. In addition to managing lights, StreetMan can also manage other street and city assets such as EV chargers, cameras, environmental sensors, etc.

StreetMan’s patented user interface is easy to use and it supports mobile devices allowing you to manage your lighting network from a phone or tablet.

Complete smart solar lighting package

Dhyan's Solar Lighting Solution is a complete smart lighting package with annual pricing, consisting of the following:

  • Programmable solar charge controller (MPPT) which works with solar panels, LED fixtures and battery systems from multiple vendors
  • Smart cellular 4G/NB-IoT eSIM card, works with all major cellular service providers worldwide
  • 1 year of data connectivity. Fixed data pricing for up to 100MB data volume per device.
  • 1 year of CMS software license, cloud hosting fees, and updates
  • 1 year of monitoring service, support and maintenance

Add-on option:

  • Extra years (you choose how many) of cellular data plan, (100MB per device/year), StreetMan CMS license, hosting fees, updates, monitoring service, support and maintenance