UI Designer & Developer

UI Designer & Developer

As a UI Designer & Developer, you will be responsible for creating UI designs for the product and marketing teams at Dhyan. Also, you will be responsible for maintaining the website. You should be able to apply relevant design methodologies to solve business problems. You will be required to maintain the design standards of Dhyan on par with the industry trends.


3 to 5 years; preferably in a product-based company


Any degree; certification in UI designing is preferred

Job Responsibilities

  • Based on the requirements provided by Marketing/Product Management, come up with intuitive UI designs
  • Create stellar and impressive marketing collateral
  • Maintain/develop the website and website-related design
  • Create aesthetic designs/posters for social media posts
  • Transform product UI prototypes and wireframes into high-quality design
  • Test, troubleshoot, and optimize the website for maximum speed and performance
  • Work cross-functionally and collaborate with marketing, engineering, and sales teams


  • A self-driven creative; an enthusiastic team player
  • Exceptional creativity to deliver attractive graphics, design, and animation.
  • Proficiency in Adobe Photoshop, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, AJAX, WordPress.
  • Optional: A good understanding of PHP, MySQL, Visio, MS Office, Adobe Illustrator.
  • Experience in creating marketing collateral – brochures, case studies etc.
  • An excellent knowledge of typography, layouts, best UX patterns
  • Ability to analyze the target audience; produce creative and responsive web pages.
  • A level of design and business understanding so as to not compromise on business goals and design intents.